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Team USA To Face Team Spain In Knockout Round Of FIFA World Cup

By Daniel Borjas | June 24, 2019

The US Women’s soccer team scored an impressive eighteen goals in the qualifying round of the tournament. Team Spain will be playing in their very first Knockout round in World Cup history. Temperatures in France will be warmer than usual, in the nineties, when the match begins. PARIS – There can be only one team … Read more

Rockets VS Spurs: The Real Loser In The Second Round Of The NBA Playoffs

By Dillon Appleman | May 16, 2017

The Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs both propelled themselves past the first round of the NBA playoffs, only to find themselves locked in an in-state rivalry. The I-10 rivalry is always a great matchup for fans to watch as their two local teams battle it out for supremacy. Who doesn’t like to say … Read more

Daily Fantasy Sports Making A Big Push In May

By Sierra Kennedy | May 12, 2017

Daily Fantasy Sports have been a highly contested topic of discussion for some years. Some believe that it is a form of gambling and should be banned. Others believe that it is a game of skill and a viable form of entertainment. Everyone agrees that it needs to be regulated. That being said, only 11 … Read more