Team USA To Face Team Spain In Knockout Round Of FIFA World Cup

  • The US Women's soccer team scored an impressive eighteen goals in the qualifying round of the tournament.
  • Team Spain will be playing in their very first Knockout round in World Cup history.
  • Temperatures in France will be warmer than usual, in the nineties, when the match begins.

PARIS - There can be only one team that will advance to the quarterfinals of the FIFA Women’s World Cup but will it be Spain or the USA? The US team has had 3 days to practice, rest, and recover from their win against Sweden, while Spain has had an entire week to prepare. Team USA’s coach Jill Ellis believes her team is ready to play, as they’ve been conditioned to have smaller periods of downtime between matches.

"We're very used to a three-day rhythm," coach Ellis said in a press conference over the weekend. "It's what we've done in certain tournaments, specifically for that purpose of having a consistent rhythm in what we do. And we can't control, obviously, what our opponent has."

Spain’s coach, Jorge Vilda, has every confidence in his team’s abilities as well. While discussing the game against the US in a post game interview he said, “We know that they did not concede a goal in the last seven matches, and that they have scored 47. But the stats are there to be broken.”

What The Players Are Saying?

While this will be Team Spain’s first time in the Knockout round, there is no question that they deserve to be there, and Team USA knows it.

“They’re extremely technical. Really good on the ball. Very dangerous,” Kelley O’Hara, a defender for the USA said during a tournament conference. “We’re going to have to keep really tight lines and make sure that we don’t let them get a rhythm.”

As for Team Spain, the players are ready to take the field and show the world what they’re made of.

“We have been working for a long time. We have already faced great rivals and we always give an extra in those games.” Irene Paredes, a defender for Spain said to reporters. “ It will be complicated, but I believe in the team, in our weapons and possibilities and we hope to prove it on the field.”

This game will be a full ninety minutes of action. Each team is going to give it everything they’ve got and leave it all out on the field. The losing team will be sent home, having to wait another four years to see the next World Cup. The winners will move on to the quarterfinals of the tournament. “I want to play every team that is ranked first in this tournament just so that we can lift that trophy and feel that rewarding feeling at the end.” US defender Ali Krieger said to the press. “To say, `You know what? We are the best.’”

The reigning champions are favored to win with odds of -290 while Team Spain, the underdogs have odds of +900. Both teams will take the field at 12:00 pm today, June 24th. FS1 will be televising the match for those interested in watching while sports betting in Texas.

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